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26 new HD channels for FiOS TV by the end of July?

Ben Drawbaugh

Not many HD fans have had to go through a longer drought without new HD channels than Verizon FiOS TV customers, but with analog channels dropping like flies all across the country, we have a juicy little rumor that we just want to believe -- after all, we already feel lied to with spring half way over. The one thing that really adds credibility to the rumor that 26 newcomers will be added by the end of July is the fact that all but two markets will be analog free just in time for 26 new channels of high-def goodness. Many don't realize that Verizon is out of bandwidth on its QAM infrastructure, so in order to free up enough space for 100 HD channels -- unfortunately not all the new throughput will be dedicated to HD -- and to keep its promise to the FCC, Verizon is eliminating 49 analog stations. The bad news is that Florida and Texaswill have to wait another few months before they'll have access. The full list is after the break.

Rumored HD channel additions to Verizon's FiOS TV lineup:

  1. Animal Planet HD
  2. TBS HD
  3. ESPNews HD
  4. Big Ten Network HD
  5. The History Channel HD
  6. MOJO HD
  7. CNN HD
  8. The Learning Channel HD
  9. Showtime Too HD East
  10. Cinemax West HD
  11. The Science Channel HD
  12. Showtime HD West
  13. HBO West HD
  14. The Weather Channel HD
  15. Starz Edge HD
  16. USA HD
  17. Versus / Golf HD
  18. Starz Comedy HD
  19. Bravo HD
  20. CNBC HD
  21. Starz Kids and Family HD
  22. Outdoor Channel HD
  23. SCI FI HD
  24. Lifetime HD East
  25. Smithsonian HD
  26. Pay Per View HD (Events)

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