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Dark Age of Camelot to return to Old Frontiers?


Dark Age of Camelot developers EA Mythic have posted a poll on the Camelot Herald requesting player feedback regarding the Old Frontiers territory. To wit: would players be interested in a server that:

  • Brings back the old Keeps, Relics, and related systems
  • Does not include Master levels, Champion levels, Artifacts, Minotaur Relics, Champion weapons, or Mythrians
  • Focuses on the "classic" zone territories that existed prior to the expansion packs
  • Focuses mainly on the class types that existed prior to the expansion packs
  • No buffbots, but rather a universally available buffing option
We know this news will make some of you terribly excited. If this is you, go vote now!

[Thanks, Chanell!]

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