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inXile founds SparkWorkz, former Microsoft exec to head

Jason Dobson

inXile Entertainment, the developer behind 2004's tongue-in-cheek RPG The Bard's Tale, has announced the founding of a new online-focused division called SparkWorkz, with former Microsoft exec David Heeley tapped to call the shots. According to inXile, SparkWorkz will "build an online network and community" for showing off user-generated content.

All of this sounds a bit like inXile is attempting to recapture YouTube's lightning in a bottle, as inXile CEO Brian Fargo notes that the company's goal is to create an "online destination for people to show off their creative talents across a number of different game and non-game media environments." Among other things, players can expect to use the network to create and share content created using the company's upcoming Wii and DS adaptations of Line Rider, giving us another reason to look forward to the cult Flash time waster's launch this summer.

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