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Nokia insists Comes with Music will be profitable

Chris Ziegler

Okay, so maybe the execs out there in Finland have their ducks in a row after all. After rumors spread that Nokia was going to be taking a financial beating if consumers really took to its forthcoming all-you-can-eat Comes with Music service (a strange gamble, to be sure), the head of its music division is hitting back, saying that they "expect to make money both from [their] traditional device sales, as well as from the 'Comes With Music' service." Of course, "expect to make money" is a long way from actually "making money" in many cases -- and Nokia still has no official comment on how its Comes with Music label deals are structured -- so we guess we won't really know how this all went down until a few more quarters of earnings calls down the road.

[Thanks, Janne]

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