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Odissea the Musical

Tateru Nino

Odissea the Musical by Marco and Massimo Grieco is based on the The Oddysey by ancient Greek poet Homer, and features 18 singers, 20 dancers, 8 acrobats, and assorted computer-generated 3D characters. In addition to their run in Italian theaters, there will also be a live performance in the virtual world of Second Life.

The live performance will feature ten of the twenty-five musical scenes from the theatre production performed by the theatrical cast, and run for more than an hour. The performance will be taking place at the Pæstum theater in Italia Vera, which we are told can seat more than 300 avatars.

The technical production team for the Second Life performance has labored for six months to produce this performance, generating almost all the content themselves, and overcoming many technical difficulties to adapt the performance to the technical capabilities of the Second Life platform.

Opening night is Friday, 9 May at 9:30PM CST (12:30PM US Pacific time) and will be a charity show to raise funds for AMREF, the African Medical Research Foundation. If you wish to attend the performance you will need to send an IM to Roland Igaly or Eulalia Burger for your group invitation that will allow access to the theater.

Attendance is free (we're not exactly sure how that figures into the fund-raising part).

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