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OurWorld wants casual gamers to pay and play


The new kids on the scene, FlowPlay, have recently come out with their first creation - OurWorld. Combining the elements of your standard virtual space with the addictive qualities of casual flash based games, OurWorld hopes to keep you playing the night away.

The game is built from the ground up for the average gamer by combining addictive flash games, like Raft Wars and Storm The House, with a virtual space very similar to Habbo Hotel or Club Penguin. You walk around and talk with other people, but the main pull is to play these flash games to receive "flow", the in-game currency. You use the flow to spin the prize wheel, which gives you experience to level your avatar and wear new clothing as well as coins to buy more clothing.

While this all sounds great, FlowPlay is confusing us as to how they will grab people into their world with casual games. There is a level cap that will keep you from leveling higher unless you have a subscription, which range from standard packages to some pretty spiffy ones as well. Now, there is also the hurdle of players knowing they could play these games on, so we're eager to see what else OurWorld can do that will warrant the subscription fee.

(Update: Post edited to change tone of discussion. -Colin)

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