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PDXMMO: get ready to party


Do you enjoy online gaming? Well, who doesn't, really? Do you like the idea of being surrounded by like-minded folks who're playing World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Age of Conan in as obsessive a fashion as you? Think you have the Bawls to play for three days solid? Want to hook up with friends -- and trash-talk a few enemies along the way -- in order to share the MMO love? If so, get ready to visit Portland, Oregon, because PDXMMO v. 1.0 is finally here. You'll need to create a PDXLAN forum account in order to register for PDXMMO, but you'd better hurry: seating is limited to 80, and 20 seats are already claimed.

From 6 p.m. Friday, 18 July, through 3 p.m. Monday, 21 July, the Portland Airport Holiday Inn Ballroom is being converted into an MMO-only space. For USD $60.00 -- or, if you prefer, just about the price of a tank of gas -- you'll get:

  • Internet connectivity via Comcast Cable (... by way of PDXLAN staffer Notoes)
  • 3 Days of Non-stop MMOs
  • Admission to PDXLAN Schedued Contests
  • Admission to the PDXLAN Raffle (2 Tickets)
  • 1/3 of a 8 foot round table for you and your computer
  • 600W for your tower and space for your 24" or less LCD / 21" or less CRT
  • Admission to the World of Warcraft 1 person Free For All Tournament
So get your vacation requests in at work, stock up on the caffeine tabs and beef jerkey, and get ready to party. PDX is ready for you. Here's the question, though: are you ready for PDXMMO?

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