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Rubik's World looks neat, is presumably a game of some kind


The first screens of Rubik's World, the puzzle game based on the colorful cube (which is, of course, a decorative item only, and not a solvable puzzle) show a beautiful, stark white environment and items made of Rubik's Cube components -- and no information at all about what the game is or how you would play it. Do you build a Rubik's Tree? Do you arrange parts into the shape of a tree? Do you throw a ball at it and knock it over? We're going to have faith that this is a game and not merely a 3D block building kit.

The press release accompanying the game refers to stuff like living "Cubies" you can interact with, music composition, and unspecified puzzles of some kind, as well as the classic Cube gameplay. We hope that whatever this turns out to be is as cool as it looks, because we could spend quite a bit of time staring at what basically amounts to 3D pixel structures.

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