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Rumor: .Mac relaunch to coincide with iPhone 2.0?

Cory Bohon

A little birdy told us about some unusual happenings at Apple. According to our anonymous tipster, .Mac will undergo a complete revamp that will coincide with the iPhone 2.0 launch (which everyone expects to occur at WWDC 08). We posted about the .Mac push e-mail coming to iPhone 2.0 last night, but according to our tip, that's not all .Mac users are going to get.

According to our little birdy, .Mac could undergo the following changes as soon as next month:

  • Full over-the-air syncing including calendars, contacts, and email (similar to Exchange)
  • .Mac syncing on Windows
This makes sense, since why would Apple make using an iPhone with Exchange a better experience than when it is paired with .Mac? If these rumors turn out to be true, then the $99 price tag on .Mac could seem a whole lot more worthwhile in the coming months.

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