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THQ gets rights to new Marvel brand

Justin McElroy

We're not sure if you've heard (you're not really the target demographic, after all) but Marvel is creating a new kid-friendly brand called the Marvel Super Hero Squad that will put (adorable) heroes like Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Fantastic Four and Captain America into "Super Hero City" and pit them against (adorable) villains like Doctor Doom, Loki, etc.

Not only will the Squad's media assault be waged in cartoon and action figure form, they'll also be making the trek into video games, an expedition that THQ announced this morning that it would be heading up. We don't know if the characters that other companies (like Sega) have rights to will appear or if their deals are exclusive, but luckily for hero-loving tots everywhere, we know all questions will be answered when the game is released (we're betting on multiple formats) next year.

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