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Washington, D.C.'s mayor expects FiOS by "early 2009"

Darren Murph

It's no secret that Comcast is the 800-pound behemoth in the Metro DC area, and while Verizon has been scattering its FiOS TV seeds all around the region, it has yet to really infiltrate Washington, D.C. proper. According to Mayor Adrian Fenty, all that could be changing. In a recent interview on NBC4, Mr. Fenty states that "negotiations are still ongoing," though things seemed to be moving more quickly than in "other jurisdictions." He continued on to say that he estimates the service (though he didn't specify FiOS TV, just "broadband capability") will be available to DCers "early next year." Of course, we've seen promise dates slip out before, so we wouldn't bet the farm on this coming to fruition just yet, but at least all that finger crossing hasn't been completely in vain, yeah?

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