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MGM Grand at Foxwoods to utilize TV-to-Internet advertising platform

Darren Murph

As the media giants look for more creative ways to snag our attention even for just a brief moment, Horizon Media is partnering with Backchannelmedia to introduce an all new method at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods, which opens on May 17th. Hailed as the "first ever" of its kind, the TV-to-Internet click-through advertising platform will enable viewers to point and click at icons / links / etc. on their TV screen with their remote. Upon doing so, their broadband connected PC will be directed to a related website where the viewer can learn more about a product or actually make a purchase. We're also told that WCVB-DT (ABC) Channel 5 in Boston will be the first broadcast TV station to sign on and utilize the technology, but there's no mention of other stations following suit. We'll admit, the idea is pretty ingenious, but whether or not it'll actually work as advertised (ahem) remains to be seen.

[Via TVWeek]

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