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Niveus Movie Library goes gold

Ben Drawbaugh

The good news is that after four weeks of being in Beta the super cool Niveus Movie Library is ready to go prime time. The bad news is that we can't afford to buy a Niveus Media Center, so we can't use it. But for those lucky few, you can now download the ultimate software that gives you access to just about every movie stored on your Media Center, no matter if you recorded it, ripped it -- yes even Blu-ray discs -- or downloaded it. And not only does it look cool, but you also get easy access to the cover art and meta data of each movie. As for the rest of the Vista Media Center community, we continue to wait for a nice plug-in that still looks like Vista Media Center, but with any luck Niveus will eventually be kind enough to share its new toy, the way it has with its Media Center Companion software.

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