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Rumor: Rare game a sequel to a released 360 title


More rumors folks! This time it's in regards to that unannounced Rare game that's going to be hitting before year's end. According to a poster on NeoGAF who claims to be under NDA (a claim backed up by other posters' reactions to the info), the title is a sequel to a game of Rare's that has already been released on the 360. Logically, that narrows things down quite a bit. Is it Kameo? With Banjo Kazooie on the way? No. A Perfect Dark game? With Gears 2 on the way? No. Jetpac Re-Refueled? Hell No.

Given that this is a rumor, we could still be way off base, but we're gonna call this one as a Viva Pinata sequel. If it is, hopefully Microsoft will actually market it this time around, so people know about it and it actually sells.

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