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Samsung reclaims throne in latest LCD market share report

Darren Murph

Welp, that didn't take long. Just months after Sony found itself surprisingly atop the North American LCD sales rankings, Samsung has vaulted back to the pole position while watching Sony slip to second. Granted, the top three suppliers -- Samsung, Sony and Vizio (in that order) -- were all separated by just three-tenths of a percentage point, with each firm's market share checking in at 12.8%, 12.7% and 12.5%, respectively. Below the trio, we find Sharp, LG and everyone else gasping for air. It was also noted that Vizio recognized the strongest year-over-year growth of any top five flat-panel brand, and interestingly enough, Sony managed to maintain its leadership position in the LCD category of 40-inches and up for the tenth straight quarter. Alright number lovers, hit up the read link for even more statistics.

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