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Today in Joystiq: May 8, 2008


Wondering how to spend your tax rebate? Let the staff of Game Informer give you suggestions on how to give it to the fine folks at GameStop! Thanks to WiiCast for finding this oh-so-very-helpful brochure. Here are today's stories:


X3F Week in Review: May 2, 2008 - May 8, 2008
PSN Thursday: A Haze-y afternoon of killin' PixelJunk Monsters
Meet the Team: Justin McElroy
Announcing Joystiq's newest sibling: Big Download (beta!)
GameTap Thursday: Alpha Prime Chameleon Gems Flip Words


BioShock movie in development, Gore Verbinski directing
GameFly opens distribution center in Austin, Texas
Betrayal! Law of the Game columnist explains how to pass game legislation
Sierra shows us The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Activision enjoyed $2.9 billion in sales last fiscal year
Everyday Shooter makes PC debut on Steam
Home 'too ambitous,' but 'definitely' coming this Fall, Reeves says
Sony launches PSP headset with remote for Skype
Midway 'modifying fatalities' for MK vs. DC
EA Sports working on sweaty Wii Fit
Demo for Grid
Report: Xbox 360 Jasper chipset contracted for production, Valhalla on deck
LittleBigPlanet open beta officially dead
Vinny Caravella leaving Gamespot
Nintendo's Yamauchi now Japan's richest human
THQ gets rights to new Marvel brand
Portal gets new Flash-inspired maps
Pandemic announces Lord of the Rings: Conquest [update]
Crysis composer Inon Zur scoring Fallout 3
inXile founds SparkWorkz, former Microsoft exec to head

Rumors & Speculation

Rumor: Realtime Worlds hopes APB becomes GTA Online

Rumor: Daxter and Wipeout Pulse porting to PS2
Kid Icarus on Wii indirectly revealed by IGN

Culture & Community

Rockstar releases GTA IV multiplayer guide
Federal legislation proposes ID checks for video game retailers
Moore 'disappointed' Home still isn't done

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