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Curse's interview with Tigole and Kalgan

Eliah Hecht

Like many other sites, got a chance to visit Blizzard and take home some information on everything Wrath. They have an interview with lead designers Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan and Tom "Kalgan" Chilton, and a general writeup. A lot of it has already been covered in our previous reports, but here's what looked new to me:

  • Karazhan showed Blizzard that 10-man raids could work, and were good for more casual players; on the other hand, more hardcore raiding guilds were upset about having to break into 10-man groups. Thus Wrath's split 10-man/25-man raid system.
  • Naxx is going to have to be tuned way down, since it's now an entry-level raid instead of a top-level raid.
  • Class balance as we know it is going to change drastically with the new talents for every class (at least in their current, secret, developmental state).
  • WoW was always planned out with item inflation in mind, so don't worry about it too much.
  • There will be a Northrend kick-off event.
  • Kaplan would rather we did dailies for gold instead of farming primals, since it's less repetitive; on that note, he wants to make more of a varied experience, like the cooking daily or the daily dungeon with randomization built in.
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  • They're planning a new item type that will bind to your account, specifically for twinking. You might get it in a dungeon, and you can mail it to your alts, but you can't sell it on the AH or anything.
  • There will be a new battleground, with siege weapons and destructible buildings.
  • The Paladin is designed to be the best AoE tank, and the Warrior the best tank for sheer mitigation; the Death Knight is designed to be the anti-caster tank. These distinctions should be fairly irrelevant in 5-mans -- any tank class should be able to tank a regular or heroic dungeon -- but they will come into play in the more difficult raids.
  • They're experimenting with daily quests being used during the leveling process.
  • The Arena gear will come in two tiers, to mirror the quality of the 10-man and 25-man raids.
  • 10-man and 25-man gear will be recolors of the same models, and you will be able to wear them together for set bonuses.
  • Arthas will not be in the game from the beginning, but will be patched in.
This is some really interesting stuff. Here's hoping the details keep pouring in.

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