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Engadget HD Podcast 085 - 05.10.2008

Trent Wolbe
No, your eyes and ears aren't playing tricks on you, we're rolling out this installment early. Summer's here, and some folks (not us) like to spend vacation time outside of their light-controlled, soundproofed media rooms. So rather than make you go a week without a podcast, we're back into the studio early. We talk a bit about Blu-ray releases and Toshiba's continuing HD-DVD support (way to go, Toshiba!). But the highlight of the week was Pioneer's show in NYC -- new Blu-ray decks, receivers, plasmas and even a projector. We're also gearing up for The Cable Show next week, where CableLabs will be giving tru2way top billing. Finally, ATSC has real reason to celebrate its 25th birthday -- the analog shutoff is right around the corner, especially if you're in Wilmington, NC. We'll be back on our regular schedule in a couple of weeks, guys!

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim

Trent Wolbe

03:09 - Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 084 - 05.07.2008
07:28 - Entire Paramount Blu-ray catalog is back by the end of May
09:45 - Toshiba pushes firmware 3.0 update to first-gen HD DVD players
11:22 - Pioneer introduces Elite BDP-05FD / BDP-51FD Blu-ray players
12:06 - Pioneer gets really official with $9,000 Elite KURO projector
14:56 - Pioneer reveals 2008 Elite AV receiver family
20:37- Pioneer intros 2008 Signature Series Elite KURO monitors
21:28 - Second-generation Pioneer KURO unveiled: 5x deeper black levels
23:24 - Pioneer KURO and friends hands-on
28:16 - CableLabs loosens up tru2way licensing
32:44 - ATSC celebrates 25 years
33:59 - Wilmington, NC to become first test market for 2009 analog shutoff


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