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Macro Anatomy: Fishing fun

Sean Forsgren

Sean is diving, sunning himself and trying to drink all the cervezas in Cozumel this week, so don't feel bad if he doesn't respond to emails and comments. He'll be back in action next week, fresh and ready to get the Macro train rollin' again!

For this week's Macro Anatomy, I thought I'd share a fun little fishing macro I found in the forums. Tomza wrote a great macro for those of us wanting to react quickly to enemy players while fishing. I've altered it a bit, as I prefer to use the SHIFT modifier rather than the ALT, but other than that it's pretty much verbatim.

This macro, when clicked will equip your fishing pole if it is not already equipped. If a fishing pole is equipped, it will cast your line. (Two clicks of this macro will equip a pole and cast.) Each subsequent click will cast your line. If you hold down the modifier key (in this case the SHIFT key), you will equip your weapon.

Keep reading for the macro, it's a fun one!

Let's get down to business and get you out there fishing! Here is the macro:

/equip [noequipped: Fishing Pole,nomod:shift] Fishing Pole;
/equip [mod:shift] Crescent Staff
/cast [equipped:Fishing Pole,nomod:shift] Fishing;

You'll want to switch out Crescent Staff with your own weapon name, and the item name of your fishing pole. If you have two weapons or a weapon and a shield, just add another line of /equip <weapon or shield name>. That way it will equip both in the case of dual-wielding or shield-bearers.

There you have it, an easy macro to swap weapons and fishing poles, and casts your line to boot! Have fun doing your fishing dailies with a little more peace of mind!

Every week Macro Anatomy takes you on a magic carpet ride through the world of macros. Sometimes you will encounter existing macros that you can use off the shelf. We'll break them down and figure out how they work. Other times we'll just talk about the different parts of a macro and how you can use them to create your own. You can always stop by the shop if you want to catch up or get started with macros.

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