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Orlando getting in on analog shutoff testing

Steven Kim

Sure enough, as soon as Wilmington, N.C. announced its early switchover plans, eleven stations in the Orlando, FL area have announced that they will be simulating analog doomsday throughout the summer. Participating stations include WESH, WKMG, WFTV, WCEU, WKCF, WMFE, WVEN, WRDQ, WOTF, WTGL and WBCC. A set of three tests is planned, beginning with one on June 25 just before 8pm. Much like the drill that played out in Las Vegas, the tests will get lots of promotion on the local stations. These analog shutoff drills seem to be a growing trend, and we're happy about that; no matter how enticing the carrot or menacing the stick, nothing gets response like actually being struck by the stick. Certainly, there will be folks who ignore or entirely miss these drills, but at least for now we're putting a hold on our plans for a nationwide fleet of EngadgetHD vans stocked with converter boxes.

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