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Overview of the Dragonblight

Alex Ziebart

I've examined the Dragonblight before when Blizzard first gave us the preview of the zone, but some other news about the region has come into the spotlight in the last few days. I'm sure you've noticed, the Wrath news is everywhere, especially here on WoW Insider. Below I have a little breakdown of what we know so far.

  • The Dragonblight is both the beginning and the end of the dragon life cycle. The Titans granted the Dragonflights their powers here, and this is also where dragons go to die.
  • This zone contains a shrine for each of the Flights which surround Wyrmrest Temple. These shrines are under siege by the Scourge.
  • Alexstrasza herself is lending a hand in recruiting for the war effort in the Dragonblight.
  • The Scourge has been twisting the remains of fallen dragons into Frost Wyrms and potentially other monstrosities.
  • The Scarlet Crusade returns in this zone, renamed the Scarlet Onslaught.

  • It is likely the Taunka and the Tuskarr will make an appearance here.
  • The majority of Azjol-Nerub is located beneath this zone.
  • The Blue Dragonflight is using colossal machines to tamper with the magic and ley lines in this region for unknown reasons. It is assumed Malygos is trying to realign the ley clusters for his own purposes.
  • The Chamber of the Aspects will be a raid dungeon in this region, though the bosses within have yet to be designed. There will likely be bosses representing each of the Flights.
  • Angrathar the Wrath Gate stands between the Alliance and Horde forces and Icecrown Citadel. Arthas and his raid dungeon won't be in at launch, but will be added later in Wrath's life cycle, much like Kil'jaeden and the Sunwell Plateau was the last chapter of the Burning Crusade.

That's what we know so far, and I'm sure there will be plenty more when the Wrath beta rolls around. This region is packed full of interesting plotlines, and I'm pretty excited about it.

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