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Playboy hints at creating their own virtual world

Shawn Schuster

Sex sells, as they say. For this reason, it makes perfect sense for Playboy to create their own branded virtual world. They already lay claim to one of the most popular company-sponsored islands in Second Life, so why not branch off and create their own virtual world?

Playboy chairperson and CEO Christie Hefner recently discussed the company's plans for the future, indicating the possibility of their own virtual world. We think this is an inevitable step in the direction of social networking and virtual worlds in which many major companies are recently realizing the possibilities. This, of course begs the question: do we really need separate virtual worlds for each major company, or is a one-stop-shop a more viable alternative? With the advent of MetaPlace approaching, and the wild success of Second Life, it will be interesting to gauge the market trends in regards to businesses populating established virtual worlds, or creating their own.

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