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Podcast Interview with Positron and Castle

Adrian Bott

With City of Heroes Issue 12 finally in Open Beta, people can talk about it, and there is a lot of talking going on.

On May 7th, the folks at Split Infinity Radio managed to corner CoX Devs Floyd Grubb and Matt Miller, otherwise known as Castle the Powers Guy and Positron the Lead Developer, and sit them down for a good long interview. Players attending via IRC also submitted questions.

Much like the earlier interview with Joe Morrissey on CoH Podcast, there's a lot of meaty information. Although DJ Jules can sound giggly and nervous at times, she's a sweetie and a long-term supporter of CoX, and SI Radio is the winner of a MMOFury fansite award. So we're going to let her off.

The interview is now available for download here.

Face down the forces of evil! Give good a quick jab to the jaw! Massively has all the CoX Issue 12 news you can handle. Make sure to check it out!

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