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Cinemassively: Kake Buk Island, Episode 1

Moo Money

(Please note that this machinima contains some harsh language. In addition, is down at this moment, but you can find a higher quality stream of the video there.)

In November, we spoke of a hybrid machinima movement that involved blending one engine with multiple tools in order to create a finished product. Baron Soosdon has been an early adopter of this, as he normally blends World of Warcraft with Unreal Tournament, as well as WoW Model and Map Viewers.

Baron's latest project, Kake Buk Island: Episode 1 - "You Damn Beach" is a comedy adventure that is part action, part thriller, and part ... Rick Astley? The movie is about an orc that wakes up on an island and encounters two girls whose pig he must rescue from a sinister villain. While the voice acting is pretty horrible, the visual quality of the two mediums is excellent. We look forward to the sequel!

If you have machinima or movie suggestions from any MMO, please send them to machinima AT massively DOT com, along with any information you might have about them.

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