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Korean smackdown: Samsung Soul, LG Secret reviewed

Chris Ziegler

In case you hadn't heard, there's a battle raging for the hearts and minds of Europeans looking for a fashionable slider with a powerhouse camera. Both Samsung and LG are stepping up to the plate to address that very specific need this summer, with Samsung delivering the u900 Soul -- a phone it claims will be the last in its Ultra line -- and LG bringing the similarly named (and similarly spec'd) KF750 Secret. Initial reviews for both devices seem overwhelmingly positive, so don't expect them to necessarily help you choose which one to buy; instead, we suspect it might come down to brand preference, the Soul's nifty OLED d-pad, and the Secret's touchscreen. Both have HSDPA 2100 while rejecting North America's 3G airwaves, so for some of us, this battle is a bit of a moot point -- but for the rest of you, best of luck picking your '08 weapon of choice.

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