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Open forums and a patched patch for Hellgate: London

Robin Torres

Things are happening at Hellgate: London these days -- so many, that we're going to make a list! (We love lists.)
  • The forums are now open: You no longer need to have an account to read the Hellgate: London forums, though you still need an account to post in them.
  • Patch 1.3 is out: It has the usual number of bug fixes along with a lot of new features like emotes and shared stashes.
  • Patch 1.3 has been patched: It also has the usual number of bugs that had to be fixed for the game to be fully playable again.
  • Patch 1.3b is on the test server: There are still more bugs to be fixed and the changes are being tested now.
  • The Test Server has been patched: The database crashed and needed to be rebuilt. So the Test Server is currently being tested.
  • The Abyss Chronicles are coming soon: The next content patch or Patch 2.0 is in the works and information will be released shortly.
For more details on all of this news and more, check out Issue 5 of the Underground Communique.

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