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PS3 Poll Police: Voice your opinion on the GameTrailers debacle

Nick Doerr

Finally! Something the Officers of Opinion can have pride in taking votes for has come to pass. Perhaps some of you are not aware of the most recent GameTrailers debacle, but it goes something like this: a new racing game called GRID got its chance at a video comparison on their site and from the video posted, the 360 was implied to have more dynamic and compelling footage. The PS3 version seemed like a prettied-up last-gen borefest. However! GameTrailers used PS3 footage for both sides of the comparison. Watch the above video, ripped from their site with some added narrative, to draw your own conclusions then tell us what you think.
What's your take on the GameTrailers debacle?
It was on purpose -- this was to downplay the PS3.
It's a pretty convenient "accident", but I'm not sure.
It was an accident; there was a clerical error along the way.
They messed up, but they probably feel bad about it.
I don't know what to think about this!
Comparison videos are stupid anyway.
My opinion is different than those mentioned above. free polls
First off, thanks to everyone who alerted us to this. The comparison video and all related comments have since been removed from their site, which is a telling sign they've recognized something had gone wrong. Whether it was their evil ploy foiled or an error in creating, posting, or citing the console for the video, we'll probably never know. But mass opinion is often heralded as universal truth for some odd reason, so your vote really does matter. Last week's poll results are also posted, so give them a look as well, if you're interested.

Yeah, our last few polls haven't been that grand. It's because when something interesting happens, it's either beaten to death before Sunday or nothing at all happened and we need to think of something on the fly. Other times, we're just flighty and forget to add choices. In any case, for those of you who experienced issues with the game, these are the results. As you can see, it doesn't really matter. Most of you didn't try their 12-step fix or own the game who voted. Either way, a true patch was issued since then, so many of your problems are probably solved. Thanks for voting!

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