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Fate/Tiger UPPER gets new screens & an expensive LE set

Majed Athab

More screenshots of Fate/Tiger Colosseum UPPER are here to look at. The super-deformed hijinks look colorful to say the least. It might be a promising fighting game, one for all ages ... unlike the game's seedy origins. The game is set for an August 28 release in Japan, so importers get ready.

Speaking of importers, you might be interested in this extra bit of news: the game is getting a limited edition "Megamori Box." Included in the box is a set of Tarot cards specific to the series, a card binder, a Drama music CD, a DVD, and a 72-page booklet. All for ¥9,800 ($94.28). Yikes, that's quite a lot of cash to be forking over for a slightly obscure PSP game. We're not even paying that much for the MGS4 limited edition on the PS3. Possibly the most expensive limited edition on the PSP (excluding those bundled with the system)? Maybe.

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