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GameStop GTA IV data: 360 easily outsells PS3, not per console though

Preliminary numbers news now: gaming mega-retailer GameStop shared some Grand Theft Auto IV sales data with N'Gai over at Newsweek, who in turn breaks it down relative to the install base for each platform. Of course, these numbers only account for GameStop sales and, as Sony's Peter Dille points out, "GameStop probably does a little bit better with the early adopter crowd." That would be the same early adopter crowd who may know about GTA IV's 360-exclusive DLC.

Another limiting factor: these numbers don't account for console sales for the month of April, so any GTA-infused boost may skew the numbers further. But don't let those sobering facts stop you from enjoying our fancy chartification of GameStop's data. Note: Despite selling nearly twice as many copies, GTA IV performed better (at GameStop) on a per-console basis on the PS3 than it did on the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 9.9m 70.7% 64%
PlayStation 3 4.1m 29.3% 36%

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