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GameTrailers compares PS3 GRID to 'PS3' GRID

Ross Miller

Ladies and gentlemen, to your pitchforks! GameTrailers obviously has an acute case of fanboyitis, of which there is no cure. The site has sparked a massive, internet-wide flame war with its PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360* comparison video of GRID. (The asterisk (*) denotes "Xbox 360" here has been replaced by a shiny black mass that plays Blu-rays and, until very recently, lacked the ability to rumble.)

So GameTrailers compared the PS3 GRID to the PS3 GRID ... and the PS3 version somehow lost. But by merit of being the only player, does that mean it also won? The video has been removed, and various reports indicate GT has also removed comments and disabled the email contact function. Hold your comments of teh bias because we seriously doubt a major site would intentionally spark a flame war. We've sent a request for comment and will let you know.

[Via videogaming247; thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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