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Kablamo! Multiple: Option releases audio-enabled digital comic

Eric Caoili

Homebrew comic book readers have been available for over a year now, but Multiple: Option's latest release, A Question of Promise: Digital Comic, brings several innovations and welcome additions to the "reading comic books on a handheld" experience:

  • A single ROM that doesn't require any conversion and should have minimal DLDI-patching issues
  • Sound effects and music for specific panels/sections
  • An option to save the page you're on by simply hitting the Start button
The comic, a digital adaptation of Thuyen Nguyen's A Question of Promise, originally released in 2002, is a pleasant read, too, so long as you're not expecting any superheroes in tights. It's a "light-hearted story of a guy, a girl, and a sentient pool-of-water."

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