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Miyamoto talks WiiWare launch, American devs


Now that the WiiWare service is up and running (and we got to play at least one game so far), you're probably as curious as we are concerning the lack of Nintendo games available for download. With an entire catalog featuring nothing but third-party titles, it might seem like a silly idea to launch a Nintendo service with no Nintendo games on offer. It's something that we thought was very much against what Nintendo's usual operational procedures are.

Then, like a knight in shining armor, Shigeru Miyamoto charges in and tells us why we need not be concerned. "I think America has always been better at creating unique products," he says. Wow, we're flattered! Miyamoto is a big fan of the North American indie game scene, commenting they are "able to let their own personality and their own kind of unique interests really flourish in the games that they're creating." This is one of the reasons why Nintendo felt safe with the WiiWare line-up unleashed on us today.

[Via Joystiq]

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