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NYC game development community slowly growing


The Center for an Urban Future, a Manhattan-based think tank, has a report on New York's growing games industry. GameDaily reports that Take-Two and Atari, along with 30 game development companies and some 55 firms related to the industry, have a presence in the city that never sleeps. The size of the community is way behind cities like Seattle, San Francisco and LA, but there are approximately 1,200 people working within the industry around NYC.

IGDA Executive Director Jason Della Rocca says that although one would think NYC would be an "ideal place" for game developers, he points out that even Boston has a larger community. He explains that five or six years ago there has almost nothing in NYC, but that some casual game firms and a couple major studios have changed that. (Forgive us for what we're about to write.) So, start spreading the news, game developers are longing to stay. They want to be a part of it ... New York, New York.

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