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Wrath will have mounts with passengers

Eliah Hecht

Some more information on Wrath has bubbled to the surface. This is like Christmas every day for me! I'm very excited. New bits in today's installment of Facts of the Lich King:
  • Some Wrath mounts will be able to take passengers (!), and ground passenger mounts will work in the old world as well! This sounds awesome -- although it might be boring to be the one who's not driving, it could also let you take a break. And being able to cart around lower-level characters in the old world will really speed up those instance runs.
  • Trainers and AH will stay in the old world. Not surprising, but incredibly irritating. At best, it's a minor inconvenience and burns your Hearthstone timer. At worst, you're stuck in Stormwind for an hour when you could be doing much more interesting things, all because you wanted to respec or buy some mats. Not to mention the leveling-up process -- going back to the old world every level to train was obnoxious in BC, and it'll almost certainly be obnoxious in Wrath.

  • Dalaran will be in one of the final Northrend zones. I'm not sure where I stand on this. Shattrath being in one of the earlier BC zones meant that players raced to it to be able to get back and forth between Outland, and possibly skipped content. On the other hand, if you have to go back to the old world just as much in Wrath as you did in BC, it'll be a giant pain not to have easy access to portals while you're leveling. We'll see.
  • Blacksmiths may be able to add sockets to items that don't have them. Obviously this will have to be balanced with caution, since it could easily become overpowered; there are some nice gems out there.
  • They want all professions to have some unique draw, similar to the epic BoP blacksmithing weapons. I approve.
  • One new metal will be Cobalt. The new cloth is Frostweave, but we knew that already.
  • Lake Wintergrasp (the outdoor PvP area) will have daily quests, a continent-wide buff, and probably something like today's Spirit Shards. I plan to stay well clear of it, but hopefully the world PvP fans will have something to keep themselves entertained.
  • Chamber of Aspects will initially be a short Onyxia-like raid, and they may use that area to expand with other aspects later if they want to.
  • Another raid, in the Nexus, will allow players to ride on the back of drakes and use their abilities during the fight. This sounds quite chaotic and also pretty cool.
  • The devs think they didn't reward PvE enough in BC, and will try to reward it more in Wrath. I tentatively agree; PvP seems to be an easier way to epics for many players.
  • We may see PvE ladders on the Armory, so we don't have to resort to WowJutsu. Honestly I like Jutsu, so we'll have to see what the Armory brings to the table.
  • They want changing runes, for DKs, to be somewhere in between as difficult as respeccing and easy enough to do it between fights. Reset at inns, perhaps? Or anywhere, but with a 60 second cast time?
  • DKs can use maces, as well as swords and axes. For some reason I thought maces weren't going to be allowed, but I guess swords and axes would be pretty limiting, and would also restrict Blizz's itemization potential.
  • Blizz plans on introducing some more money sinks prior to Wrath, so we don't all go into the expansion with several thousand gold. Good luck making them attractive, guys -- I didn't fall for your silly "of the Shattered Hand," so you'll have to do better than that.
For full details and sources, head over to MMO-Champion. What do you think of this latest batch of Wrath info?

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