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Analyst: US software sales up 70% in April


With NPD results for April due out this Thursday, it's time for all the analysts to jump into the prediction pool. Pachter already got his out the door, now it's time for Lazard Capital's Colin Sebastian. GameDaily reports that Sebastian believes software sales for April will be up 70% year-to-year, thanks to GTA IV and Mario Kart Wii.

Sebastian predicts that although the PS3 and Xbox 360 received a strong hardware sales bump from GTA IV, the PS3 has another one incoming with Metal Gear Solid 4 in June. He states that it's hard to determine what sales in the second half of 2008 look like compared to 2007, but believes the summer months (weak for revenue, even just a few years back) will continue to see strong retail numbers with Wii Fit, Rock Band Wii, MGS4 and movie-based games. Who needs to go outside? There's just sun cancer out there.

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