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DISH Network drops 10 of 15 VOOM HD channels

Ben Drawbaugh

Yesterday's DISH announcement was bittersweet for some DISH HD fans as they were enjoying the addition of 22 new HD channels, some noticed that 10 of their favorite -- well maybe not all 10 --Voom HD channels were MIA. A quick visit to the DISH Network website showed that the 10 in question were missing from the list there as well. The two that seems will be the most missed are HD News which evidently had more news in actual HD than any other news network, and Worldsport which is a favorite among soccer fans. Some DISH subscribers are understandably very upset about being forced to sacrifice the 10 for the new lot, but only time will tell if subscribers will end up with more new HD programming than before. Of course the biggest loser here is VOOM, as two thirds of its channels have lost their carriage on what was probably their biggest provider.
[Thanks, Scott].

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