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Fable 2 'content complete,' 3 more Fables planned, Danish site reports


Fable 2 is "content complete" with a measly 5,000 bugs to squash before it's completely complete, reports NeoGAF poster "Vinterbird" (aka Mikkel Vinther of The Danish site published a preview of Lionhead's second try today, based on a visit to the studio's headquarters in Guilford, UK last week. Vinther kindly translated the good parts, highlighting these new details in his post on NeoGAF:
  • Mini-map has been replaced with a "bread crumb trail;" a dynamic golden line on the ground that directs you to a destination (read: medieval GPS)
  • Magic system is divided into focused, single-foe attacks and ranged attacks; attacks can be built up into five levels using various spell combinations
  • Speaking of spells, there'll be just eight (but remember, they can be combined)
  • Every house in the game is up for sale; each house will unlock a sidequest, item or skill
  • Rough estimation: 20-30 times larger than the first Fable [Microsoft says: "a world 10 times the size of the iconic Xbox game"]
  • The gameworld features seasons and dynamic weather
  • Cutscenes are interactive; the d-pad can be used to issue certain gestures that will steer conversations
  • Sex minigame was canned; instead, screen goes dark and moaning ensues (sex can still be unprotected though! Babies, yes; STDs, unconfirmed)
  • Female character was almost canned; almost.
  • And finally: Three more Fable sequels are being planned. (Lionhead is currently wrapping up Fable 2 and focusing on an announced project.)

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