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MCE intros 1TB hard drive kit for 17-inch MacBook Pros


No stranger to taking Macs beyond their standard issue capabilities, MCE has now pulled yet another entirely unofficial trick out of its hat, with this one giving 17-inch MacBook Pro owners a significant storage boost. As with some of its other mods, this one replaces the MacBook Pro's optical drive with a 2.5-inch hard drive (500GB in this case) and, to hit the magical 1TB mark, it also replaces the laptop's standard hard drive with another matching 5,400 rpm 500GB drive. To ensure none of that original hardware goes to waste, the kit also includes external USB 2.0 enclosures for both the original hard drive and the optical drive, although we wouldn't expect any less given that the kit costs a hefty $800 (or more if you want MCE to install it for you).

[Via PC World]

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