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NonObject nUCLEUS motorcycle concept makes its boxy debut


It looks like Dell's not the only one that thinks boxy is in, with the folks at the NonObject design firm now also taking a decidedly hard-edged approach with their new motorcycle concept. Dubbed the nUCLEUS, the vehicle is described as a "zero emission, zero impact speed machine," albeit one that would seem to have a bit of trouble making sharp turns. That possible shortcoming aside, the concept is certainly unique enough, with it boasting an "animal-like behavior system" that allows it to get up on its "hind legs" when its in action and rest down flat when its at rest, as well as some interchangeable (but equally boxy) side panels. Of course, there's not much in the way of technical details, but you can at least get a look at it from every angle by checking out the video after the break.

[Via Autoblog Green]

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