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Sarotech's Wizplatz W-31 looks like a book, isn't


If you felt like your Western Digital My Book hard drive went too far -- or didn't go too far enough -- in looking like an actual tome, Sarotech is here to turn it up a notch. When you absolutely, positively must have a drive that looks like a fake book, you can do no better than the Wizplat W-31 (yes, really). The SATA-drive-sporting, USB 2.0 device features an internal power supply, ample vents for keeping your drive cool, and a slick, sexy exterior that says, "Hey, I'm a book." All this luxury can be yours for the low, price of ???121,000 (about $120) for a 320GB version, up to ???315,000 ($312) for the 1TB model. Too bad this only appears to be available in Korea right now.

[Via Everything USB]

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