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See first vids of Platinum's MadWorld and Bayonetta [update]

Justin McElroy

We brought you the rumor yesterday of Sega inking a deal to publish titles by ex-Clover staffers' Platinum Games, and a couple of new videos on GameTrailers basically confirm it. We're sorry about the quality (they're shaky-cam videos from a mysterious source), but we think you can get the idea. The first, seen above, is a super-violent Wii game called MadWorld.

After the break, you can find a clip from Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya's Bayonetta. It's a story of a girl with guns on her feet (based on the classic short story by John Steinbeck). Look for higher-quality versions of these clips to rear their heads soon with Sega's Gamer's Day taking place tomorrow.

[Update: It appears that (surprising no one) Sega has had the videos pulled down. Let's hope we get higher quality versions tomorrow.]

[Thanks, Fernando]

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