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    Toshiba's REGZA 32CV510U LCD HDTV gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Here recently, we've seen a number of 40-inches or larger panels get reviewed, but what about those looking for something a touch smaller? Enter Toshiba's REGZA 32CV510U, which is one of Tosh's least expensive LCD TVs for 2008. According to CNET reviewers, the set exemplified the phrase "good enough," but didn't do much to wow 'em. They found "respectable black-level performance" and "less-than-accurate color," and while design is surely objective, they weren't exactly keen on it. Everything else, including features, resolution and inputs, were said to be about average, providing enough to likely satisfy more mainstream HDTV shoppers. Still, those looking for a notch above in terms of performance aren't likely to be completely satisfied with what the 32CV510U is packin', but give the read link a little love before passing judgment.

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