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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise adds camera, co-op, September release

Microsoft's embargoes are finally up and, well, there's not much we didn't already know. Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise – the sequel to the "sleeper hit" – now has a release date of "September" as well as some new details, including a "Just for Fun" setting that makes it easier to hop right in, a new co-op setting, as well as a unique use of the Xbox Live Vision cam.

VP: TIP incorporates cameras in two unique ways. Looking out: you'll be able to use the Xbox Live Vision camera to take pictures of physical cards (think Eye of Judgment), unlocking new pinatas, building, or abilities (Rare apparently created a moose whose nose gets red only around Christmas time). Looking in: You'll be able to use your own digital camera to take a picture of your creations to share with friends over email, in a forum, wherever. While Microsoft isn't sure if they'll be releasing packs on their own, think of this feature as your own card generator; forget those pricey little packs. Anyone with a Vision Cam can snap a pic of your "card" and unlock it for themselves.

We'll bring you our impressions when we get a look at the game later today.

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