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Agetec providing Americans with the opportunity to Touch Darts


Sega's Touch Darts was released in Europe last summer, but Sega didn't make any sign of releasing it in the U.S. Agetec has stepped in and picked up the publishing rights for the game, planning to release it next month. Agetec really knows how to spot easy localization jobs -- first LOL, and now this, which was already in English.

Touch Darts is exactly what it sounds like: darts, played on the touchscreen. It is not a game about poking your fingers, although that would be totally hilarious and weird. But despite just being a game about regular darts, it sounds feature-rich: it includes four modes: tournament, challenge, quickplay, and multiplayer, with four-player single-card gameplay. Challenge mode is dart-tossing minigames that provide variations on the basic rules of darts.

We're pretty sure they won't, but we'd be amused if Agetec planned to release the dart stylus along with the game.


[Via press release]

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