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Boston's Tech Superpowers buries a treasure for Apple


This is my favorite story of the week. Major League Baseball fans probably remember the New York construction worker who buried a David Oritz jersey underneath the New York Yankees stadium in an attempt to jinx the team. It seems he unwittingly started a trend.

On Thursday, Apple's newest retail store will open in Boston with a small gift from neighboring store Tech Superpowers buried underneath the sidewalk.

Back in April, Michael Oh (Tech Superpowers founder and president) crossed the street to the Apple Store's construction site with a shovel and one of his company's T-Shirts. A short time later, the shirt was buried underneath the concrete, where it remains today. Since the story of the Ortiz jersey was breaking at the time, the members of the construction crew thought the idea was funny, and let him do his thing.

Oh points out that he isn't trying to jinx the store, but create a connection between the two retailers.

"We're doing it with a wink ... We are in business because of the great things Apple has done ... This T-shirt in the sidewalk is a symbol that there's a connection between the two sides of the alley." It was Oh who set up the Boston Apple Store Webcam at ifoAppleStore to share the construction process with Apple fans everywhere.

We can only imagine what's next

  • Burger King buries a cardboard crown under each new McDonald's
  • Dunkin Donuts leaves a bag of French Vanilla under each new Starbucks
So when you visit the store this weekend, tread lightly. You might be standing on a buried treasure.

[Via Andy Ihnatko's Twitter stream]

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