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LG to halt production of Super Blu combo players, launch Blu-ray deck this year

Darren Murph

Last we heard, LG was hanging tight to HD DVD in hopes of accommodating early adopters who still yearned for a dedicated player that handled both formats. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. In a recent report put out by the Korea Times, a spokesman for LG was quoted as saying that the "decision for it to halt the production of the combos" was "very tough," but he maintained that the outfit would "stop manufacturing the Super Blu series from the second half of this year." For those unfamiliar, the Super Blu crew contained the two-faced BH200 and BH100. Interestingly, the same individual noted that LG would be "unveiling a new Blu-ray player to catch up with the industry trend" at IFA in just a few months, but no further details were disclosed. August 29th just got a lot more interesting, yeah?

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