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Samsung set to enter US laptop market in effort to boost sales


It looks like Samsung is shaking up more than its management today, with the company now apparently also set to finally expand its laptop business into the US market as well as an "as yet unnamed European country." This latest move, as you may recall, follows a string of problems the company has faced, and it looks like if things don't pan out as it plans with this effort, it could have even more repercussions for the company. Specifically, Samsung's senior manager of overseas sales and marketing, Sukyong Hong, says that the company needs to ship 11 million laptops in 2011 (or roughly triple its current sales) in order for its laptop division to remain "sustainable." If it doesn't, the company says it may have to pull out of the laptop business altogether, although Samsung's Sukjong Hong apparently doesn't think it'll come to that, saying that the aforementioned expansion "should" help it meet its targets.

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