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The gquit macro


Yesterday my guild was getting ready for our nightly foray into the Black Temple (we downed the first five bosses in 3 ½ hours, not too bad). Out of the blue, a member who has been having some "issues" as of late decided it was high time to leave the guild. And he didn't just stealth gquit, he went out in style.

Instead of being adult about it, which everyone in my guild is, he posted a long winded and rambling message to the guild and then left. His tantrum was quite good, one of the most epic I've seen. But the epicness of his lack of class wasn't the best part. The best part was that he had enough foresight to do it all with a macro. So after a bunch of us got done laughing about him leaving on ventrilo I thought to myself, "Self, I should post this on WoW Insider tomorrow. After all, a gquit macro sounds like a good idea!"

Take a look after the break to see some screenshots of this ex-guildie's gquit macro, and how you too can make your own gquit macro!

The macro isn't that hard. For a short message, you can use the following easy macro:

/g I am gquiting. I hate you all. DIAF.

The key here is to use /g to speak your mind in guild chat, and then /gquit to leave the guild.

For a longer message, like the one my ex-guildie used, you can break up the message into several small macros, and then drag each single macro buttons to your main action bar. For example, you can make a few macros like this:

Macro 1

/g I really hate you all. You are mean to me. You make me cry, and make babies cry. I don't know why you make me cry all the time, but I don't like you so now I'm going to go cry.

Macro 2

/g The officers don't know what they're doing, and are really bad people. They eat brains. They also don't like any of you, and sit in their tower all day long playing rock'em sock'em robots.

Macro 3

/g So with that said, I think you should all DIAF. I'm out.

Put them in order so that the first part of your message is mapped to the "1" key, and the second part mapped to the "2" key, etc... Then, when it comes time to gquit, just down line and press 1 2 3 4 in rapid succession. Poof! You now have gquit leaving everyone with a wall of text to contemplate their past life with you.

And for those wondering, here is my ex-guildies message that inspired this. I've removed the names, since there's no need to harass him (I think he has most of the guild on /ignore now anyways, the officer he was angry at is a great player and well liked). The background on this guy is that he quit my guild one time because of real life time constraints, and when the new guild he found didn't work out he came back. However when he came back, he expected to get loot like he never left. And life just doesn't work that way, which made him angry.

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