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Is Beyond Good & Evil 2 in production despite lack of approval from Ubi?


Those of you with weak hearts, you might want to double up on your medication for this one. Michel Ancel, the dude responsible for the amazing Beyond Good & Evil and the Rayman games, has apparently confirmed with a French magazine that not only is work on Beyond Good & Evil 2 underway, but it's been worked on for over a year. We doubt there are words that can describe how you're feeling right now, so just hug your monitor right this instant. Go ahead, we're doing the same.

Okay, done? Good. Now, the only problem with all of this is that Ancel also said that Ubisoft did not green-light the project. With a total of 10-12 people working on the pre-production, we've got our fingers permanently crossed in hopes that Ubisoft will see that this sequel needs to happen. Also, we're going to keep this one labeled as a rumor, for now, considering how often we hear about a sequel to this game, only to have our hopes and dreams shattered.

If you work at Ubisoft and are reading this, tell your bosses that everyone wants this! Oh, and tell them to make it for the Wii, as well.

[Via Joystiq]

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