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Google's mobile team: "Android is just another device for us"

Chris Ziegler

Think the advent of Android is going to bring Google's deep love and respect for Symbian, Windows Mobile, and the iPhone (among other entities) to a crashing halt? Not so much. Google's head honcho for mobile engineering, Ann Mei Cheng, has gone on record saying that Android is "just another device" for them that'll be treated equally with its contemporaries, an attitude that can be attributed in no small part to the fact that the company's mobile team is kept well apart from the Android peeps. That's good news for anyone who's not using an Android device, we figure -- which is pretty much everyone at the moment -- and it's also a predictable move from a company known for its agnostic, conquer-all approach that cares not whether its users are using its platform or another's. Whether they'll be singing the same tune should Android obtain world domination, though, is another question entirely.

[Via Talk Android]

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